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What is so Special About The Red Rose? The red rose is no ordinary flower; it is a symbol of love. Its presence is felt and seen in art form, be it poetry, photography, and painting. As a matter of fact, the presence of the red rose is strongly felted such that if you were to ask someone to close their eyes and picture a flower in their head, you could be confident that it is the picture of a red rose! An intriguing fact about the red rose is that it is recognized by all people as the symbol of love, regardless of their belief or ethnicity. While roses, in general, are associated with love and romance, every rose color does have some significance. Therefore, any rose could make a grand romantic gesture, but for someone to present a red rose, it is no doubt to make a declaration of love!. You are still curious about the origin of the whole red color becoming a representation of love, so back to history, and discover what happened centuries back.
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Just like lots of the flowers now in many other countries, the rose was initially imported from Asia. In ancient China, in a time when mysterious beasts were all over, one was especially feared and has been the dragon Ryu (its name may vary depending upon the folklore legends ). This monster was so strong, and the destruction it could cause was unimaginable. You can only picture it striking during special occasions like your wedding party as a nightmare. The dragon remained fearful until someone discovered that it was afraid of one thing: the red shade. Upon understanding this truth, the Chinese started to dress up in red during wedding ceremonies and also do red decorations. Now you understand why the color is important and widespread in the Chinese civilization. Still, the appreciation for the red rose increased due to its beauty. Incorporating red during wedding ceremonies popularized its association with passion and love, and the red rose of love was born through the myths. The Red Rose These Days. Currently, without heroes and dragons, the red color is still a pillar of Chinese culture, and the red rose a symbol of love worldwide. Even greater than love, in Western countries, the red rose has come to convey fascination as well, making it a perfect gift for lovers during dates such as Valentine’s Day and any time that is necessary for one to make some declaration of love. Conversely, when it comes to weddings, the red color has been customarily replaced by the white rose to signify purity in the Western culture.