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All That You Need To Know About Basement Waterproofing

A huge number of homeowners would probably agree to the fact that basement waterproofing can be a serious thing to deal with. If ever the problems have not been solved the correct way, the whole thing actually gets worsened and affects many other stuff around it. If ever you have your basement properly waterproofed, it can be an avenue for you to do many things that you cannot possibly do in other areas of your home.

The best and most ideal time for a homeowner to do waterproofing is when the foundation has already been built by the construction workers. Sometimes, the best and most ideal time to make use of the basement is already when it has undergone basement waterproofing so that there can be more benefits enjoyed. The reason why it is better to have the basement be waterproofed even before the actual setting up of the drainage pipes and all that is because it will need people not to get distracted about all the other things going on in that basement. If ever your house is an old one, you will need to have your basement checked right before you let it undergo a lot of processes for the waterproofing. You will need to be able to have a professional handle all of the necessary procedures and processes that your basement needs to undergo on, since it will be impossible to have a good job or an excellent job done if you only rely on yourself or on an amateur’s capabilities, and the whole thing might actually do you more harm than good.

Waterproofing can actually be done in two different ways. The two types of waterproofing are the external type and the internal type. The very common method used for the external type of waterproofing would be the tanking method. The tanking method entails one to make use of any kind of bonding substance that can be easily applied to the outer walls of the basement. You need to be able to have this method be done even while the house is still in the construction phase, since it will be better applied with while the house is not made use of yet, most especially if the basement is found under the ground. You can also have another external waterproofing by making use of the drainage system outside of the house. Through this method, you will have the floors of the basement be sloped towards the house’s sump pump. So that you can remove any kind of moisture from the basement itself, there is this plastic honeycomb used to be applied to the walls and the floor of the basement. One more way for the basement to get waterproofed as much as possible is the use of this method called the french drain.

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