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Various Types of Fleas and Signs that Could Imply Your Pets are Infested

The common external parasites on mammals are fleas which consume the blood of their host. This insects are usually small and don’t fly and the adults are about 3mm long. There are different types of fleas present with an estimated variety of about 2000 in the world. Cat flea is one the common type of flea, which are usually found on cats but can also attack dog, other animals and possibly even humans. Cat fleas have their favorite position in your house at the carpet but it’s possible to find them at any other place inside your house. Human flea is another common type of fleas which are found on humans. The areas most prone to human fleas are the underarms and the head since they can hide and stick on the hair. The best way to avoid and eliminate the human fleas is to observe a strict hygiene. Chicken fleas is also a common type of flea and as the name suggests they are usually found on chicken. Commonly this type of fleas will bury their heads in the skin of chicken near the head or face. At first it would appear like the chicken have black heads on their head or face but a closer look reveals that the chicken are infected with chicken fleas. Though sand fleas usually feed on organic matter and withering plants, they can also attach themselves on pets and feed on their blood. This makes pets the easiest way to bring such fleas to your house.

There is a type of flea that is common to almost any animal from cats, dogs, birds and even human beings and are referred to as sticktight fleas. Just as the name suggests, sticktight fleas are quite hard to remove when they attach themselves onto the skin of the skin of the victim. Springtail fleas are usually found in damp areas and rarely attack animals unless they find a reason to such as dampness or skin infection. There are various signs that could inform you that your pet is infested by fleas. One of the ways to know if your cat has fleas is by combing it with fine-toothed flea comb from head to toe a number of times in a day. Combing can help skim off the adult fleas and their eggs. Fleas can cause cats to scratch her skin or even seem restless. One way to ensure you help your pets get rid of fleas is by giving them effective flea products. The host can suffer from anemia in time since fleas are capable of consuming about 15times their own body weight in blood.

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