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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Planner

You will undoubtedly find wedding planners almost everywhere today, but are they all right for you? Most certainly not! In fact, their differences can be so wide you won’t want to believe it. In any case, it’s never a good idea to just go with the first one you meet.

It’s actually crucial to spend some time looking into your options and making a few vital considerations before coming up with a choice.

Explore online reviews, but stick to third-party websites to ensure credibility. Ask for the opinions of friends and relatives on the planner you’re thinking of hiring. After all, this is a big event in your life – probably the biggest even – so forget about taking chances.

Personal Chemistry

Keep this in mind: hiring a wedding planner means everything will begin and end with them. If you don’t have good rapport with the person, or there seems to be no connection at all between the two of you, disaster could be coming. You want someone you can actually be friends with. You’ll be spending a considerable amount of time together, so if you’re finding it hard to be a team, your wedding may suffer. Even the wedding planner with the best reviews can be wrong for you if you’re not good together.

Defining Your Needs and Their Services

Brides don’t always have the same needs. Of course, you can expect different services from different planners too. Begin by defining the specific role of the planner. For example, do you want them to do everything, from concept to execution? Maybe you’ve got your concept planned long ago and now you need them to put it to work. Maybe all you really need is a person to coordinate with all the suppliers and vendors.

The idea is to come to your meeting with the planner all prepared. Make a list of things you need to cover so you don’t forget any details. Bring pictures of event you like and let the planner take a look. There are many blogs and websites where you can just download and print them. As for the cost, planners will usually charge a portion of the total cost of your wedding, probably around 30%.

One thing you must remember is that you don’t have to focus on just one prospective wedding planner. Two or three is good for comparison. Of course, keep it apples to apples or your comparison won’t be useful. Each potential planner should have exactly the same specifics to work on when providing you their quote.

Lastly, don’t go with a wedding planner simply because they charge cheap. There’s often a catch and the risk is just too big.

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