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Basic Uses of Water Booster Pump Systems

Water supply systems usually need high pressures so as to pump water to longer distances. Even if the water system is cyclical such that water moves around in a cycle, at a certain stage, the pressure reduces below what is required to keep it running. In such cases, the system requires a booster pump that will supply the extra pressure. Water booster pumps are used for a variety of applications that are listed below.

Pumping Water over Long Distances
A water supply system normally consists of water traveling along pipes and through gates and valves. The pipes along which the water flows contain friction which tends to act in opposing the water flow. The amount of frictional force experienced directional to the length of the system piping. In the end the pressure imparted on the water by the pump tends to drop after some time and distance. Due to this phenomenon, there’s need to inject in some extra pressure to ensure that the water reaches its intended endpoint. Booster pumps are normally installed at certain intervals on a long distance pipeline to provide the necessary boost of pressure.

Getting Water from Very Deep Wells
In some cases, the water to be extracted is contained in very deep wells. Wells that are sunk in arid and semi-arid areas are usually of this nature. Due to the greater depth, a high amount of force is necessary to extract the water from the well against gravity. As such, the system must be equipped with the appropriate booster pumps since a single pump may not be adequate in carrying out the task.

Systems That Have Fluctuating Demands
Water supply systems for city and municipal areas normally have a fluctuating demand regime. In the course of a single day, different people will require various amounts of water for their use. The result is off-peak hours where demand is low and peak hours where demand for water spikes. It wouldn’t be cost-effective for the water suppliers to install water pumps for peak supply. A viable alternative is to set up the off-peak supply system and then have it supplemented by the booster pump system during the peak hours. Doing so guarantees that the system operates optimally regardless of the prevailing conditions.

Waste Management and Sewerage Systems
There usually exists constant fluctuation in the viscosity of sewage waste handled by the municipal waste management. The higher the viscosity, the higher the pressure required to drive the waste so as to avoid clogging of the system. The system is therefore configured in such a way that the primary pumps can handle the basic flow, while the booster pumps kick in cases when there’s extra viscous flow.

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