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How to Take Better Pictures With Your Phone

Before you start taking pictures with your phone, you need to understand the basic rules of photography that will get you quality results. Here are tips for taking pictures with your phone.

In order to take a great picture, you need to understand the rule of thirds. You need to follow the rule of thirds so that you can get good framing for your picture. Imagine breaking the imaging into three distinct sections and split into nine rectangular segments. Then, you want to ensure that all important objects are along these lines to ensure that the photo looks balanced, cleaner and more creative.

Before you take a photo, ensure that the lighting is appropriate to avoid over exposure. You need to understand the three basic lights which are the backlight, fill light and key light. It is important to ensure that there is enough light in the room but ditch your smartphone flash. You can also get a great image by taking the picture in bright artificial lighting or light streaming through a window or you can decide to take the picture after dark or in shady areas to get contrast for your image without too much brightness.

When taking a picture, be sure to set your focus on one subject.

Some smartphones have an auto adjust by default which assist the photographer with focusing of the image, however, it is not recommended in a crowded places. Therefore, you may want to turn it off to ensure better focusing and lighting is optimized. Also, to enable the subject stand out even more, it is recommended that two thirds of the photo be a negative space.

Avoid zooming a picture especially if you are capturing it from a distance.

Zooming only enlarges the image and makes it look pixelated or blurry. The best way is to move closer to your subject or take the photo from a distance and crop it later.

You also need to clean your lens before taking a picture to ensure that they are free from interference such as finger prints and dirt. Wipe the lens with a clean cloth to get rid of lint which can create poor quality picture and cause blurredness.

With development in technology, there are many apps that you can download that will give you great shots and variety of filters. You can use instagram effects or download snapchat which has fun filters which can give you cat ears or change your voice.

Also, do not be afraid to experiment and try new things. Play around with angles and think outside the box and remember to have fun with your shoots. Finally, do a lot of practice and don’t limit yourself to taking only one photo. Make several attempts to capture the same image so that you can understand your weaknesses and improve your skills with each shoot.