Tips on Caring for Engine Trucks

If you have a truck that uses a diesel engine, of course, you also have to know how to do maintenance and use for the machine can be maintained properly. Especially for those of you who use trucks as a means of transporting your business, maintenance and repair of trucks become the main focus and become a routine activity.

Here I provide feedback and advice to maintain and maintain diesel engine for comfort when in use. Because most trucks require special care and attention.

  1. When you will use a truck, after turning on the machine do not directly use it for travel. You should let the engine heat up first. Approximately let the engine light up 5-10 minutes.
  2. Do not get empty truck fuel tank, this is the most noticed. It is recommended that fuel tanks contain more than one-third of the fuel tank capacity. Because if it runs out of fuel, the user must pump the pump injection because truck fuel properties usually do not evaporate.
  3. If there is damage to the pump injection, please direct it to the repair shop for professional trucks “24 hour truck service near me”. Do not leave it to an amateur technician or carelessly. Improvements should be made in the truck’s dedicated workshop.
  4. The air filter should be diligently cleaned at least every 20 km. Because dust is the main enemy of the truck engine. The dust that enters the engine room accelerates wear in the combustion chamber because the dust will become the sharpener between the cylinder and the piston ring.
  5. In addition to air filters, fuel filters should also be considered clean. Should be damaged must be replaced immediately. Do not be delayed, must be free from dirt to avoid clogging.
  6. In addition, every morning must dispose of water from the filtered fuel tank, then routinely recommended to clean the fuel filter and replaced after traveling more than 16,000 km.
  7. Finally, Accu, cables and spark plugs. If you do not have an understanding of the part, you can also use a professional truck repair company as your regular truck maintenance.

That’s some tips from us, to take care and maintenance of your diesel engine trucks. Love your truck engine, because it’s very important for your truck and your business needs.