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The Importance of Spiritual Health to Physical Healing

It is true that our physical sickness is related directly with our spiritual and emotional health. People who are suffering from negative emotions including fears, negative thoughts, anger, resentment, or abnormal amounts of stress will soon find themselves spiritually or emotionally unhealthy which also affects our physical health. If you ask ministers and some alternative health experts what they think about physical health, they will tell you that diseases that people encounter is a result of poor spiritual health and well being. The belief that your physical well being is linked to your spiritual or emotion health is already gaining following.

Healing of the body can be a result of a person taking care of his spiritual well being. If you are feeling great spiritually and emotionally, you will also feel good physically. Illnesses can progress and last depending on the attitude that you have while you are experiencing the illness. During your ill days, the best thing you can do is to keep on trusting God for healing and guidance through these times of uncertainty.

Your spiritual health can be judged by no other than yourself. You should examine your heart or mind for thoughts of fear, anger, anxiety, unforgiveness, negativity, or other emotions that can harm not only your soul but your body as well. You will find that you have a predominant emotion that rules your life. When we hold onto negative or toxic emotions, it is like giving your body points which will eventually make us physically sick Ridding yourself of emotions that do not promote love, joy, peace, and faith in God will help promote physical health. These are the fruits of the spirit. Filling your heart with these fruits of the Spirit will greatly help you filter out the negative emotions that keep you physically unhealthy but it also opens the door to God’s healing light.

The only way to face problems head long is when you are maintaining good spiritual health. Even during the uneventful times in your life you should keep your faith in God so that you will be stronger when the time comes when you circumstances and health are challenged.

Reading the Bible, praying, meditating, deep breathing, and others, help to foster spiritual health. If you do these activities constantly you will then become more spiritually or emotionally healthy. f you do these practices in your daily life, you will learn to take away the bad emotions like fear, anger, and bitterness. Reading the Bible helps us to focus on the love and faithfulness of God, which puts negative emotions out of your heart.

However, even if we have the most positive attitude, healing may not always be instantaneous. But, it allows you more strength to bear the infirmity.

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