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The Great Benefits of Eating Almonds

The only state that produces almonds commercially is California whose cool winter and mild springs is conducive to let almond trees bloom. Today, more and more people are eating almonds and it has surpassed the popularityof peanuts as the most eaten nut and this is due to the nutritional value and health benefits that you can get from these nuts which have been shown by recent researches. It is a known fact that almonds help a lot in weight loss since they are very filling and keep you satisfied for a long time. It helps prevent diabetes since the seed consist high magnesium supply so that when it is being drained out in the urine with people who has high blood sugar, it complements the loss. It also contains the antioxidant agent found in vitamin E and so it helps prevent arthritis and other inflammatory joint disorders. Another benefit of eating almonds is the inhibition of cancel cell growth since it can stimulate a molexular mechanism to protect the damages cells, and it also reduces the risk of Alzeheimer’s diseases. If you want to gain all these health benefits then almonds should not be missing in your daily food intake.

Even during the ancient times, almonds have already become a beloved nut. They were popular in the diets of ancient Egyptians and believed to be capable of increasing brain capacity, intellectual ability and longevity. They are either eaten raw, roasted or salted, and even use in many body lotions and fragrances.

You should avoid almonds that are coated in sugar, hydrogenated oils, and sodium since these are not good for the body.

Almonds also consist of monosaturated fats which are known as good fats. This is the reason for the lowering of blood cholesterol levels. The health of your arteries can be improved by good fats unlike saturated fats and dangerous trans fat. A handful of almonds eaten five times a wekk can preven heart disease by fifty percent.

Weight loss is also attribute to the presence of good fats in almonds. With almonds you always feel full for a longer time.

You can also find a lot of vital nutrients in almonds. We already mentioned that they contain vitamin E but it also contains calcium which makes our bones strong, fiber which helps our digestive system, and protein which keep you full longer. Almond has the most of these vital nutrients compared to other nuts.

Whatever foods you are preparing, putting almonds in them will be great and healthy. You can have chocolate covered almonds for dessert.

For those who want to lose weight and improve their health, almonds are the best foods to eat. Although almonds are all healthy, there are many kinds which are not the same quality and favor. California almonds are one of the best almonds you can have and they stand out from all others.

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