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Essential Medical Supplies for Wound Care Medicine is a vital aspect of our lives. You need to take care of your wound to avoid infections. There are lots of wound care products out there that you can use in the car, around your home or at the office. You require a first kit to enable you to respond to emergencies quickly. Below are some wound care items you must have in your first aid kit. Always ensure that you have an adequate supply of a cool gel pack, butterfly bandages, gauze pads, antibiotic cream, ibuprofen and plastic gloves. These supplies can enable you to handle any type of wound. The other items you must have are peroxides, alcohol, aloe Vera gel, scissors, baby aspirin, witch hazels and tweezers. You can purchase a first aid kit containing wound-care supplies or make your own. When putting together your own first aid kit, consider the most common injuries at your workplace or home. In addition, stock a few things that could enable you to handle rare injuries. These supplies are important to emergencies as they can help you save someone else’s life. Go for products that collect liquids like blood and pus when selecting a wound dressing. An excellent dressing needs to absorb any smell coming from a wound. Additionally, the dressing should be hypoallergenic as well as non-toxic. The most commonly used materials for dressing wounds are linen and cotton.
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It’s recommendable to keep an ace bandage at the office for sprains and strains. You should also find dental adhesive to store in your office’s first aid kit. The dental adhesive will be of great use to wounds and injuries involving teeth. It’s imperative to keep wounds clean to protect them from infections. So, ensure that have a great supply of creams, cotton swabs, cotton balls and ointments to clean wounds.
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Injuries can cause too much pain. So, it’s imperative that you store some aspirin in your first aid kit. You should stock buffered aspirin as some people don’t consume aspirin. This kind of aspirin doesn’t cause stomach distress and it eases pain. You can use aspirin to assist someone with a heart attack. Ensure that you keep drugs that are age appropriate. For instance, you should have painkillers and antihistamines that kids can consume -if you have children. You should keep adult appropriate medications if you don’t have children in your home, workplace or car. Other wounds develop inside the body. Hence, you require medicine to heal the wounds and relieve them from pain. Antacids are excellent solutions to indigestion and heartburns. To treat mouth sore, you can use peridex mouthwash, lidex gel or apthasol paste. Stock your first aid kit with antihistamines to treat people who have allergic reactions to insects, dust or food.